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“Created with love, passion and respect for the land” are the words that define Fern Valley Farms. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Kelly Thomas, owner and founder of Fern Valley Farms, longed to get away from the city for a more simple and peaceful lifestyle. When she found it, she vowed to help others do the same.

Currently, Kelly and her family, along with third-generation farmer and gardener Dave Bish, operate Fern Valley Farms, offering customers produce grown with organic growing practices without the use of products containing mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides and foreign bodies.

Among its wide range of products, Fern Valley Farms is known for its hemp flower. Customers can choose from CBD or CBG flower, Delta 8, indoor hemp flower, loose hemp flower, moonstones, small and pre-roll. In addition, Fern Valley Farms also offers its customers sample packs of its products .

This is ideal for people who are just starting to get into the THC world, giving them the opportunity to try a range of products to find out what they like best and what works for them.

The company also offers CBD oil in strengths ranging from 1,000 mg to 5,000 mg. These are the company’s most popular products, as well as CBD lotions and CBD products for pets that come in different concentrations.

Fern Valley Farms also has extremely popular gummies and capsules, including CBD, CBG, CBN and Delta 8, which come in 10 mg or 25 mg. This ensures that customers can be selective about how much THC they prefer to take and in what timeframe.

What People Say

Fern Valley Farms prides itself on its commitment to ensuring that every customer has a uniquely positive experience when purchasing THC products . In fact, it is confident that it outperforms its competitors in both customer service and product quality.

This is because it grows all of its products without mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides and impurities, and makes everything it produces on-site with only the highest quality ingredients.

The website also claims that its staff have a love and passion for what they do, which means it offers customers a better product at an affordable price and a superior level of customer service.

The positive reviews the company has received over the years speak for themselves, with many customers saying that the taste of the cannabis flower in particular is excellent. The high quality of the buds is also praised, with the general consensus being that they are dense, have a good weight and are properly dried.

CBD oil is virtually odorless and gives the user a pleasant, tingling buzz that adds to its status as a good mood stabilizer that can be used every day.

Fern Valley Farms Coupons and Discounts

Like many other CBD suppliers, Fern Valley Farms offers its customers some pretty interesting discounts. When you first visit the company’s website, you are offered the opportunity to sign up for the company’s mailings for a one-time discount of 5% that can be used on the entire product range.

Fern Valley Farms also offers its loyal customers a rewards program that allows them to save money when they purchase any product. This program is in its infancy and Fern Valley Farms has promised to continue expanding the program, which means that more rewards will be added to the program in the coming months. Currently customers will earn 10 points for every $1 they spend .

When a customer earns 1,000 points they will receive $1 in cash and rewards. Points accumulate faster than most people expect, which means they save with every purchase.

Fern Valley Farms Legality

As with any trusted online dispensary, Fern Valley Farms offers full transparency on what is in their THC products. It has strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that it complies with all legal requirements for THC derived from hemp, which currently has a legal limit of 0.3% THC as outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill that officially legalized THC derived from hemp in the United States.

Fern Valley Farms also offers its customers a comprehensive and informative blog on its website. This blog contains many educational articles that fully outline the legal considerations regarding the use of products containing THC. This allows customers to educate themselves and feel safer and less anxious when purchasing THC products.

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