Top 5 high thc hemp strains


Many publications demonize THC solely for its psychoactive effects. But according to research, this cannabinoid offers effects that can support your well-being as deeply as CBD and the rest of the gang.

Some studies even show that the precursor of THC, called THCA, can be converted into various other cannabinoids such as CBN, which in turn helps with the known effects of cannabis. So if you really want to get the most out of this environmental effect, you might want to consider these top 5 high THC cannabis strains.


Considered a classic cannabis strain, ACDC has a high CBD-THC ratio, making it a hot choice for users looking for dynamic effects. Exceeding the maximum legal limit for THC content, the chemical composition of this special selection changes when exposed to UV rays. Under controlled conditions THCA turns into CBNA, which in turn turns into CBN.

Why should you care about these complex transitions? Simple – CBN is one of the main cannabinoids responsible for the calming, sedative and sleep-inducing effects associated with cannabis. With more THCA you get more CBNA and therefore more CBN. As a result, ACDC provides a relaxing encounter that calms the entire system.

Most importantly ACDC has gained a fateful popularity due to its benefits against physical discomfort. This potent strain effectively soothes the body against aches and pains, leaving you with a feeling of freshness and strength at the end of its long-lasting effects.

Sour Space Candy

Visit any retailer and you will probably find Sour Space Candy somewhere on their shelves. This fruity variety remains relevant partly due to its existence. Widely available, Sour Space Candy has become a choice for customers who dislike change and prefer to use the same strain over and over again.

Combining the genetics of Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, Sour Space Candy has a flavor profile that does not disappoint. Citrusy and slightly sweet, Sour Space Candy’s main aroma can be described as painfully sour. The thick pulps produced by the strain sneakily slide down the throat and leave a slight irritation.

In terms of effects, Sour Space Candy leans towards the Indica side and calms and relaxes its user after a dose. The mild crescendo of effects gradually leads you to full body contentment, while the strain clouds your mind with pleasant dreams and colorful, fantastic thoughts.

Critical Mass

A favorite among purists, Critical Mass combines Afghan landrace genetics and Sunk #1, which is essentially a cross of three different OG landraces. This has made Critical Mass a highly sought-after legendary variety that demonstrates the power of staying as close to nature as possible.

One reason for Critical Mass’ popularity is its close kinship with other Hall of Famers such as Red Diesel and Pink Kush. With its iconic genetics, Critical Mass has a high THC-CBD ratio, making it an ideal choice for users who want to experience the fullness of THC – without breaking the law, of course.

It is difficult to perfectly summarize the effects of Critical Mass, but most users describe it as energetic, creative, uplifting and hungry. While you probably won’t be in the party mood after a dose of Critical Mass, you may feel particularly energized and cognitively stimulated.


The aroma of fresh apple pie infused into Milk Bone’s smoke makes it hard to quit the newly lit joint. But be careful – the effects of Milk Bone tend to make you crawl. The strain’s chemistry is weak for the first few minutes, tricking novices into thinking they can take more.

But after the first thirty minutes, Milk-Bone shows its strength sharply and easily overwhelms novices. Because it is highly energetic and stimulating, taking too much Milk-Bone can lead to an unpleasant shivering and racing of thoughts.

In the right doses, Milk-Bone can produce happy, giggly, talkative effects. For this reason, this strain has become a favorite among users looking for a bold smoke to bolster their resolve to face social situations that might otherwise be too stressful for them.

Northern Lights

A cross between Afghanistan and Thailand, Northern Lights has an unadulterated chemistry that demonstrates the immense power and strength of Mother Nature’s design. This species forgoes fancy cultivation techniques, psychedelic names and even dreamy descriptions hoping to capture the public’s attention.

Moreover, even at first glance, Northern Lights may not seem very interesting next to all the other flower varieties available in the store. Its dull green and brown tips lack the dynamic color ranges and pouch appeal of today’s varieties. But when it comes to cannabinoid content, Northern Lights takes the cake.

After taking a dose of Northern Lights, the first thing you will probably feel is an overwhelming sense of cognitive silence. As the tension numbs your mind, it also numbs your body and puts your body into an overwhelming couch-lock. At its peak, Northern Lights can make you feel sleepy and hungry right before you pass out.

Tips for choosing a high THC cannabis strain

It’s easy to claim that a high THC cannabis strain is for sale. But how can you be sure that the seller is really saying that? Well, it’s quite simple. To make sure you don’t fall into an elaborate marketing trap, here are a few guidelines to take with you the next time you shop for cannabis flowers:

  1. Check Certificates of Analysis – Today every seller must provide third-party lab reports. These documents detail the chemical composition of each batch and tell you everything you need to know about purity and potency.
  2. Review customer reviews – What do previous buyers say? A seller with quality products should get enough reviews from real customers who feel inclined to share the good news about their experience with the brand. If they have nothing to show in terms of customer reviews, take that as a red flag.
  3. Trust only what is worthwhile – Quality cannabis is not always cheap. While some deals may seem too good to be true, you ultimately get what you pay for. Do a quick background check on your chosen seller before you decide on the deal. You may also want to avoid brands with zero reputation.

That’s not so bad

Although most articles and writings look down on THC, THC is also an important cannabinoid and has a role to play. Furthermore, THC can cause zero negative effects if the law is followed. Some studies have even shown that high-THC cannabis strains produce stronger anturasic effects than others.

So if you really want to experience cannabis in all its glory, now is the time to try these high-THC cannabis strains. Not only can they change the way you enjoy cannabis, but they can also help you appreciate THC for what it really is.

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