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The storage method of the CBD hemp flower is important. While sellers are primarily responsible for selling quality hemp, the role of maintaining that quality rests on the shoulders of the buyer. Unfortunately, most buyers think that the potency of CBD flower remains the same regardless of how they store the products at home.

On the contrary, the properties and chemical composition of hemp flower can vary depending on the storage techniques you use to maintain the cannabinoid profile. So we come to the question – are you using the right jars to preserve the potency of your hemp flower? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Choose a Good CBD Hemp Flower Jar

No, you can’t just throw your stash in an old jar and call it a day. Contrary to what you might think, not all jars can fulfill the task of preserving and maintaining the quality of your cannabis flower. That’s why choosing the right jar plays a huge role in the shelf life of your stock.

Here’s what you should look for:

Tight seal

Perhaps the most important feature of a suitable CBD hemp flower jar will be the seal quality. A tight seal that prevents air from entering and exiting can help your cannabis stay fresher for longer. In fact, this is the same principle that supports the idea of vacuum sealing your cannabis.

When you prevent air from entering your container, you also prevent germs, bacteria and other contaminants from entering your stash. By protecting your CBD hemp flower from these common additives, you prevent premature degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes it contains.

UV Protection

There is a reason why some products, such as alcohol and various herbs, come in brown, colored bottles. By not allowing sunlight to penetrate directly into them, the dark colored containers create a barrier against UV rays. This in turn ensures that the cannabinoid profile of your CBD hemp flower stays true to the certificate of analysis.

Keep in mind that some cannabinoid precursors, such as THCA, react to UV light exposure. By storing or otherwise protecting your cannabis flower from UV light, you can keep its chemical profile relatively unchanged from the date of purchase.

Hygienic Shape and Design

When your supply runs low, you will want to clean the jar. This helps to ensure that the new batch you purchase will not be contaminated with decomposition by-products and dirt from the previous batch that the jar contained.

Although bright, modern and creative jar designs can add a bit of an aesthetic touch to your kitchen countertop, they may not be very hygienic. Containers with lots of cracks, creases, tight corners and nooks and crannies can be more difficult to clean.

Whenever possible, choose a wide-mouthed jar with clean, streamlined lines and interior. A jar that allows your whole hand to get inside should be one of the easiest jars to clean.

Top Three CBD Hemp Flower Storage Jars

Based on the above criteria, you have discovered that your CBD hemp flower storage jars are not quite suitable. We have you covered. Here are the three best verified options for CBD hemp flower storage.

Airscape Ceramic Food Storage Container

Originally designed for coffee beans, the Airscape ceramic food storage container provides an airtight lid designed to preserve food quality. The canister is equipped with a double valve that prevents any impurities and contaminants from entering the chamber and protects your CBD hemp flower from potential germs.

Stylish and simple, the canister features clean lines and a wide neck that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. It also comes in a range of sizes and colors so you can choose the perfect size and design to match your countertop.

KOZO Airtight Storage Canister

Crafted from premium black glass, the KOZO Airtight Storage Canister offers a sleek and stylish aesthetic that makes it a hit among cannabis enthusiasts with discerning preferences. Its sleek exterior features a simple design and streamlined lines that make cleaning easy and effortless.

Equipped with an airtight lid, the KOZO container also features a rubberized inner lid ring that ensures zero penetration of outside contaminants. Also, since the glass has a deep, dark tint, the container is impervious to ultraviolet and infrared light.

Portable Aluminum Storage Jar by OZCHIN

Perfect for users who want to keep small stashes here and there, OZCHIN’s Portable Aluminum Storage Jar has a modest 80 ml capacity. The small jar is the perfect storage solution for traveling users who want to keep their CBD cannabis flower safe on out-of-town trips.

Ideal for on-the-go use, these small aluminum jars feature an airtight seal and smooth contours that make transporting them quite easy. They come in two colors and provide inconspicuous storage for CBD hemp flowers when at home or out and about.

CBD hemp flower storage tips

Want to keep your CBD hemp flowers fresher for longer, even after months of storage? Here are a few tips to incorporate into your storage style to keep your CBD hemp flower fresh and strong even after long storage.

  • Keep your containers away from any heat source and sunlight. Storing in cabinets or drawers protects the container and its contents from unnecessary heat. You should also try not to keep your containers near appliances that generate a lot of heat.
  • Make sure your jars are stored at room temperature. While it may be tempting to put them in the fridge, humidity can dilute your flower and thus destroy its cannabinoid profile.
  • If you find that your storage space is naturally humid, throw in a few moisture packets to keep the humidity level in the box low. They absorb excess moisture and prevent cannabis flowers from spoiling.
  • Use a serving spoon to store a large number of cannabis flowers in a jar. Take only the hemp flowers you need and never handle them with bare hands to avoid getting oil and bacteria on your fingers.
  • Open the jar once a month to burp. Doing so releases the gases that have accumulated in the container and allows any decomposition by-products to escape from the chamber.

From You

It is only in your hands to maintain the quality of your CBD hemp flower after the sale. Try these tips to ensure your cannabis stays fresh and strong for a long time. Also, make sure you have a proper storage jar so you can enjoy the benefits of your favorite strain for months to come.

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