The benefits of cbd as spelled out by a medical doctor


Dr. Kevin Frey, M.D., specializes in internal medicine in Canton, Ohio. and received his medical degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University after completing his residency at the Mayo Clinic. CBDistilleryTM has partnered with Dr. Kevin Frey, M.D. to educate consumers on the science of CBD and its potential to improve well-being, and we are excited to have the opportunity to hear directly from him and share with you.

Who are you and how did you get started in medicine?

I’m an internal medicine doctor from Ohio. I actually got interested in medicine because I wanted to help people feel and live better. I also like the intellectual challenges that the medical field brings, like being a consulting detective like Sherlock Holmes. You have to pay attention to so many small details to solve a bigger puzzle. That can be very exciting.

At what point in your career did you realize that CBD has medical efficacy?

It all started with listening to my patients’ stories over the last few years. After a while I heard so many positive stories from my patients that I felt there must be some truth behind their experiences. I decided to research the literature myself and was pleasantly surprised by what I read.

Most conventionally trained doctors do not openly voice their support for CBD, what made you decide to take this risk?

I don’t think it’s a risk at all. Part of being a good doctor is paying attention to the evidence and changing your practice accordingly. If there are potential treatments that can help my patients, I want to make sure I am aware of all the options available. It would be irresponsible and unscientific not to support CBD in light of the available evidence.

What do you usually prescribe/recommend CBD for?

Unfortunately, given my current relationship with The CBDistillery, I cannot make medical claims about what CBD can be used for. However, I can suggest that the conditions for which CBD can be helpful reflect most of the indications for medical cannabis in most states that allow it.

Is there anyone who should/should not use CBD?

This is a very individual decision that patients should make with their doctor. I think it can be a good addition to any medical regimen, but at this point I would hesitate to make it a first line treatment until larger randomized controlled trials are done.

Is CBD safe? Are there any side effects? Can it be overdosed?

Yes. Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) published an opinion on the safety of CBD. They believe it is a safe compound with no potential for abuse. No cases of overdose have been reported. Side effects are mild but can occur at higher doses. These include dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness and low blood pressure.

How should a person seeking relaxation consume CBD?

There are many different methods of administration, including capsules, tinctures, ointments and vaporization. Higher doses are best taken orally.

How much CBD should patients take?

This is very different for each person. I recommend starting with low doses and gradually increasing them until the desired result is achieved.

Are there any misconceptions about CBD that you would like to clarify?

Although it comes from hemp, it does not cause clinically intoxicating effects. It also does not cause addiction.

Is there anything patients should be aware of when buying CBD?

Reliable companies test their products for purity in third-party labs and publish these results on their websites. If you can’t see this, run away.

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