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Horn Creek Hemp is an organic CBD hemp farm located in Oregon’s Rogue Valley. This biodynamic farm goes beyond organic production, practicing organic pest control through natural soil enrichment methods such as cover crops and locally emerging predatory insects.

The company has produced hemp and hemp products that have won numerous awards, most notably the world-renowned High Times Hemp Cup competition in 2021, where the farm won 1st place for flower, 3rd place for capsule, 3rd place for edibles in the Golden Grow, Oregon Growers Cup and Cultivation Classic competitions.1st place for flower, 3rd place for capsule, 3rd place for edibles and honorable mention in the Golden Grow, Oregon Growers Cup and Cultivation Classic competitions.

Horn Creek Hemp is a family-owned business that grew its first large-scale hemp crop in 2016, two years before the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD at the federal level. Located along Horn Creek, which flows from Mount Jones through an old, now dry lakebed, the farm takes advantage of the clay soil to grow its high-quality hemp.

Supported by various family members spanning three generations, the farm maintains a high-quality production process that won seven gold medals in 2021 alone. The CBD-rich flowers grown on the farm are sold independently and processed into a variety of derivative products.

The Best Products from Horn Creek Hemp

Horn Creek Hemp’s biodynamic farming practices have yielded some of the highest quality CBD hemp in Oregon and elsewhere. Their best product is certainly the Lifter CBD hemp strain, a hemp strain that won a gold medal at the High Times Hemp Cup in 2021 and also won first place at the Oregon Golden Grow, while receiving the Judges’ Choice Award at the same competition.

Other award-winning strains include Suver Haze and Special Sauce, which won gold and silver at the Cultivation Classic event. Special Sauce Kief won first place for extracts at the Oregon Growers Cup competition. Ruby’s Max Strength topical ointment also won first place in the topical category at the same event.

The Special Sauce Kief also received honorable mention at the High Times Cannabis Cup. The Hemp Cup also awarded third place to Horn Creek Hemp’s full-spectrum CBD capsule and third place to sea salt caramels in the edible, non-chewable product category. Another strain worth mentioning is Sour Space, which won the Credible Cultivar award at the Cultivation Classic.

When such award-winning performances come from a single company, it shows that the farm is doing something very right. The buds are described as dense and full of terpenes and cannabinoids, so the derivatives are of excellent quality as they are based on extracts made from the buds.

The main categories in the store are – CBD and CBG hemp flowers, CBD ointments, CBD tinctures, CBD oil and CBD concentrates. There are also CBD foods in the form of chocolates, teas, caramels, capsules and pet foods.

In the flowers section we find options not only for CBD, but also for CBG and CBDv hemp flowers. There are also pre-scrolls, kief, archived strains and some discounted products.

Strains available at the time of writing include the award-winning Lifter, Hawaiian Haze, Oregon Guava, Sour Hawaiian haze, Sour Pineapple Haze, Sour Special Sauce, CBG White, Sour G CBG, Sour Space Candy, Suver Haze, Cherry Chocolate Chip, Forbidden V CBDv, Pinewalker CBDv and a few more.

The pre-rolls in this section are available in both regular and kief-enriched varieties. There are also sample packs to try out different strains.

The Derivatives section includes ointments, skin care products, edibles and tinctures. Delta-8 THC gum from Underground Owl is also available. Here you can find strain-specific hemp kief and honey bars, gummies, tropical yogurts, caramels, chocolate bars, capsules, tinctures, pet drops and edibles such as the award-winning Ruby’s Max Strength CBG Conditioner.

There are also some tea blends containing CBG. In the skincare section there is CBD lavender body oil, CBD body massage oil. CBD+CBG liquid ointment, bath salts and also sleep aid tincture.

Horn Creek Hemp covers all the bases for everyone who needs CBD; even pets are not left behind. It is a bit surprising to see the Delta-8 THC option in the middle of all the CBD products, as alternative cannabinoids have received some backlash recently.

However, while high quality Delta-8 distillate is used for the products, this semi-legal and synthetic version of natural THC can be quite relaxing and effective.

What People Say

Each product is displayed in a clear and informative layout that shows reviews on the same page. The store’s table shows the star rating of each product and products without a star rating are not mentioned.

Overall the reviews are very positive and only a few products score less than a star rating. The reviews rate everything from the effects to the packaging and delivery.

High quality feel and strong effects is a recurring theme in customer reviews. Horn Creek Hemp seems to be one of those rare companies dedicated to maintaining quality in every aspect of their business.

Horn Creek Hemp Coupons and Discounts

The website periodically offers coupons, discounts and deals. Some are announced on the website, while others are reserved for exclusive access via email newsletter.

The newsletter also provides regular updates and includes a video series featuring daily video diaries from the farm.

All products sold by Horn Creek Hemp comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and contain 0.3% Delta-9 THC or less. Each product is accompanied by its own certificate of analysis. The website has public pages with shipping, return policies, terms of use, and also an FDA disclaimer.

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