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The Bordeaux hybrid has earned a reputation as a high THCa strain that provides perfectly balanced effects for any occasion. Controlled and relaxing, yet uplifting and awakening, Bordeaux dances with your taste buds with its wine aroma and throat-sinking sensation with almost zero scratching.

Typically grown indoors, Bordeaux has dynamic cannabinoid chemistry that brings out the best in you. Cool, flavorful and with just the right amount of bitterness, this strain goes from day to night depending on the dose.

Bordeaux Cannabis Overview

Most Bordeaux growers grow the strain indoors. According to experts, this controlled method of cannabis cultivation gives growers more control over various factors that affect the final results.

Considered almost an artisanal strain, Bordeaux is grown in tightly controlled conditions that prevent contamination and excessive variation from batch to batch. When grown by experienced hands, Bordeaux produces completely consistent effects that you can expect with every new purchase.

The Genetics of the Bordeaux Cannabis Strain

Most cannabis strains have a traceable family tree, allowing you to get an idea of exactly where the strains come from in terms of their origins. But in the case of Bordeaux, very little seems to be known about its actual genetic origins.

Since its roots are shrouded in mystery, no one really knows which parental strains donated their genes to produce the Bordeaux variety. All we know is that this strain was created by Dr. Freke, known as Cannabis Potency Research.

Based on the terpene profile, we can assume that the parents of the strain may have come from the Skunk and Berry lines. But since many other strains and families exhibit a similar profile, it is difficult to draw firm conclusions.

Bordeaux Cannabis Strain Cannabinoid Profile

One of the reasons why Bordeaux is so popular despite its mysterious origins is its cannabinoid profile. Compared to many other strains, Bordeaux has much higher levels of THCa.

This compound converts into a variety of other cannabinoids when exposed to heat and derives its popularity mainly from the fact that it works as a precursor for desirable names like CBN. According to most vendors, THCa levels in Bordeaux range from 9 to 10%.

In addition to its commendable THCa concentrations, Bordeaux also offers high CBD levels, averaging 13-20%. And because it has a strong terpene profile, this strain provides a dynamic aroma that is distinctive and strongly reminiscent of its namesake.

Effects of the Bordeaux Cannabis Strain

Note that the effects of different strains vary from user to user. This is because we all have different body compositions and chemistries that change the way we react to different substances.

Then, of course, we have to consider how cannabis strains (including Bordeaux) may not be consistent in every case, how cannabinoid profiles vary between batches and suppliers.

However, the Bordeaux strain is strongly associated with certain effects that users say occur more frequently after a dose. These include:

  • Relaxed and calm mood
  • Social stimulation
  • Increased mood
  • Happy, carefree mood
  • Stress relief
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Mental clarity
  • Creative activity
  • Productivity

Depending on the dose, you may enjoy different benefits. Higher doses tend to produce a more calming, sedative effect, while lower doses provide stronger benefits.

As with any strain, carefully measuring your Bordeaux dosage is ideal and even advisable, especially if you are using the strain for the first time. Although cannabis is generally considered safe, some people have adverse reactions to certain strains.

To avoid developing negative effects as a result of Bordeaux use, start with a minimal dose and gradually work your way up to the threshold. This will help you detect any potential unpleasant reactions early in your use.

Bordeaux Cannabis Strain Flavor Profile and Aroma

Bordeaux probably provides one of the most accurate flavor and aroma profiles for its name. Fruity and dark in color, Bordeaux highlights notes of strawberry and citrus. But on a deep inhale, there is a dark bitterness that mimics an average everyday Bordeaux.

As the smoke slides down your throat, soft plumes gently caress the soft tissues, leaving behind a bitter aftertaste. For consumers with low tolerance, the depth of the aroma can be a bit overwhelming. Purists and veterans, however, enjoy the deep, deep flavor that comes with Bordeaux smoke.

The effects of the Bordeaux strain peak about 30 to 45 minutes after dosing. If you can manage to purchase a high-quality, indoor-grown cannabis flower, you can expect the effects to last up to 2 hours.

Ideal Use of Bordeaux Cannabis Strain

Because it awakens the mind at lower doses, Bordeaux works great for times when you feel the need to tackle tasks without being too cerebral. This strain can put you on autopilot and make you work through mountains of repetitive tasks that require almost no cognitive presence.

This strain also works well for small gatherings where you may want to take a slightly more social attitude. Although it may not make you the life of the party, Bordeaux can relax your jaw and make you a little more inclined to talk.

In higher doses, Bordeaux puts its user in the warm embrace of relaxation and stress relief. Vibrant and carefree, increasing doses are the perfect application for nighttime use or when you want to unwind after a long, hard day.

A strain worth trying

Hemp Bordeaux offers dynamic effects and flavors that are a must-have for all cannabis users in the scene. Whether you want to spice up a conversation or want to relax and unwind, this strain provides benefits that match exactly what you hope to do.

Tasty and deep, Bordeaux may not find favor among low-tolerance users. But cannabis connoisseurs and veterans can certainly feel at home in the arms of this potent strain.

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