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The Cannabis Hop began to be produced because of a significant experience the founder had with a family member. The founder’s father had seizures as well as other serious health problems. After taking CBD capsules in 2014, his health condition improved significantly within a week. Over the years, his flare-ups disappeared and today he is a healthy, happy person without seizures.

Hemp Hop is a rapidly growing hemp company with a great mission: After witnessing the beneficial effects of hemp products in a family member, the founder knew that these benefits should be available to every family.

According to the company’s website, Hemp Hop’s first commitment is always to people. It will always choose people over profit and ensure that its customers get the best quality products at an affordable price in the shortest possible time. Hemp Hop also makes every effort to educate its customers about what they and their pets consume.

The Best Products from Hemp Hop

According to the website, Hemp Hop does everything in its power to provide its customers with only the best hemp-derived products. The quality seems to speak for itself, but Hemp Hop also offers customers quite a wide range of products. These options include flowers, pre-rolled flowers, vape products, specialist products, edibles, drinks, tinctures, capsules, personal care products, concentrate, accessories, paraphernalia and pet products.

As for popularity, customers seem to be very satisfied with Hemp Hop’s flowers. This is probably related to the fact that all the company’s flowers are grown organically or hydroponically. It grows its flowers indoors and partners with various farms around the country, ranging from small family farms to larger operations that can finance the latest technology. Many of the farms use unique growing methods such as KNF (Korean Natural Farming) and many of the flowers he sells are grown indoors or in greenhouses.

Hemp Hop’s vaping products are also extremely popular among its loyal customer base. All of their vapes are made from just two ingredients: high quality extract and hemp-derived terpenes. The terpenes are always of the highest quality, organic and hemp-derived. The distillate is of such high quality that it does not crystallize and is loaded with minor cannabinoids to achieve a real environmental effect. Hemp Hop uses a proprietary method to produce their vaporizations and says that this is the reason why they are so popular.


Hemp Hop doesn’t have reviews on its website like many of its competitors; however, a little research meant that we were able to find a number of customer feedback about the company. According to the reviews we could find, the quality of Hemp Hop products meets the company’s promises of “high quality”. One reviewer went so far as to say that this was the best flower he had ever had. Something similar can be said about Hemp Hop’s vaping products. We couldn’t find a single negative comment about Hemp Hop’s vapes, which shows that they are truly top-notch in the industry. Many reviewers expressed their faith in the high quality of the products, stating that there are not many products made from such affordable and high-quality cannabis.

Reviewers also praised the company’s customer service, stating that they have never received such personalized service before. This was evidenced by several customers who said that despite experiencing delivery delays due to mistakes made by couriers, Hemp Hop went above and beyond to make sure that issues were resolved and that the customer was satisfied with the final product and service.

Hemp Hop Coupons and Discounts

Most CBD suppliers, especially online, must offer some kind of discount or promotion to their customers to keep up with their competitors. Hemp Hop doesn’t seem to offer anything like that; however, it does offer free shipping to customers if the order total is over $45. This is a smaller amount than any other online retailer we have looked at so far for free shipping, which means that Hemp Hop is aware that discounts equal sales.

Despite this interesting lack of ongoing promotions, Hemp Hop does have a section on their website dedicated to “discounted” products. At the time of writing, these items included a wide range of flowers and accessories, some of which were up to 50% off. This shows that the company is aware that in order to reward loyalty, it needs to offer customers some incentives other than high quality products and customer service.

Hemp Hop follows a strict set of guidelines to ensure that all of its hemp-derived products do not violate the Agricultural Act of 2018. This bill states that all hemp-derived products must contain less than 0.3% THC – and since this bill was passed in 2018, Hemp Hope offers customers the ability to view detailed lab tests for any product, helping customers to have peace of mind when shopping.

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