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With its roots in the Bay Area, Green Unicorn Farms draws its strength from the same California sun and soil that grows the mighty sequoias. The company’s philosophy is simple:

According to its website, the people at Green Unicorn Farms believe in the therapeutic benefits of the purest, richest and most flavorful CBD hemp flower. Grown indoors, in greenhouses and outdoors by the most experienced farmers, they uphold impeccable standards and also believe in careful inspections, painstaking research and experimental testing. According to Green Unicorn Farms, their work makes all of this possible.

Green Unicorn Farms’ Best Products

Green Unicorn Farms employees are constantly searching for the purest, richest, most flavorful and smokable CBD hemp flower available on the market. Grown indoors, in greenhouses and outdoors by the most experienced farmers, they look for the perfect flower everywhere. They also thoroughly test every product they sell to make sure it meets the company’s high standards, while carefully scrutinizing and thoroughly researching each product. According to the website, Green Unicorn Farms only sells those that are worth drinking.

When it comes to this flower, customers can choose from a wide variety of flavors. These flavors include Cherry Abacus, White CBG, Berry Blossom, Lifter, Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze and Elektra. Green Unicorn Farms has a wider range of products than most of its competitors, which means that customers are more likely to stick around not only for the quality of the product, but also for the wider choice.

Green Unicorn Farms does not only sell CBD flowers – it sells a wide range of products derived from the cannabis plant. These products include CBD pre-roll, CBG flower, tinctures, gummies, house flower as well as night and day products. All their popular products are also available in packages, perfect for those who want to step into the world of cannabis for the first time. Inexperienced customers can buy a bundle to try out a range of products instead of spending their money on a large quantity of a product that they may not like.

The Green Unicorn Farms store also includes official Green Unicorn Farms apparel. If customers really like the products, they can buy a hooded sweater, t-shirt or bandana with the company’s images. We have to admit that the hoodies look quite comfortable…

What people say

For the sake of transparency, Green Unicorn Farms publishes all reviews in the Comments section of its website. According to these reviews, customers love the products that Green Unicorn Farms provides them. One woman who has difficulty relaxing during the day and relieving her anxiety says that the company’s CBD flower strain really alleviates these feelings without making her overtired or overly relaxed. Likewise, many reviewers state that they find the quality of the products unrivaled among other providers they have tried and fully recommend them to anyone who is thinking of trying them out.

It is not only the high quality of the products that makes customers stick with them. According to many reviews, the customer service provided by the company is also second to none. One person said that the Personal Shopper service on the company’s website helped him a lot when choosing which products to buy. All customers have to do is answer a few simple questions about what they are looking for and Green Unicorn Farms will recommend products based on customers’ needs and preferences.

Green Unicorn Farms Coupons and Discounts

CBD companies can’t keep most customers loyal these days if they don’t offer some incentives for them to stick around. Green Unicorn Farms is aware of this and at the time of writing they were offering their customers 10% off their order with the code ‘ SUMMER21 ‘. However, this is not the only promotion they offer. First-time customers can get 20% off their order with the code ‘FIRST-TIME’. This is quite a big discount for a first-time shopper, as many other vendors only offer 10% discount on a customer’s first purchase.

If that’s not enough, Green Unicorn Farms also offers 30% discount to customers who spend more than $500. To access this discount, customers just need to enter the code ‘HEMP-LOVER’ during checkout. Finally, customers can get 40% off their order if they spend more than $1,000 using the code ‘BIG-SPENDER’.”

Green Unicorn Farms takes strict measures to ensure that all its cannabis products contain less than 0.3% THC, the legal limit in America. The company provides detailed lab results on its website, so unsure customers can see if the product they are buying contains less than this legal limit.

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