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Flow Gardens is a company specialized in hydroponic indoor cultivation. It highlights its partnership with HLG – Horticulture Lighting Group – a premium LED lighting company specializing in indoor grow lights for agricultural areas. This shows how devotedly Flow Gardens cultivates its cannabis. The website also features a video showing the initial setup with HLG’s lights, and demonstrates the professional conditions and infrastructure in which Flow Gardens’ cannabis is grown.

The company seems to be bidding to stand out in the wholesale market by demonstrating its strengths as a full-fledged indoor cannabis growing operation. It also has a fully stocked webshop offering CBD flower, concentrates and derivatives such as gummies and balms.

A very professional operation and their clean online presence emphasizes this fact.

Flow Gardens’ Top Products

As a company that sells what they grow, it’s no surprise that the most popular product in their catalog is cannabis flower. Almost all flowers are in the top 10, followed by prerol, resin and gummy candy. The shop also sells THCA dry sit (hash) and conditioner (for topical use).

The most popular flower strains in the store are Banana Mac, Bordeaux, Tennessee Tangie, Blue Berry Muffin and Grapefruit. Also popular in the store are small buds of the various strains they sell, a sampler pack of 8 1 gram packs of their best selling strains, Delta-8 gummies and various CBD prerolls.

Coke comes in a variety of strains. There is an accompanying list that mentions the total cannabinoid concentration in each type and the distribution between THCA and CBD percentages. The highest THCA concentration is 3.2% and the highest CBD percentage is 67%, both of which are found in the Grapefruit strain with an overall cannabinoid percentage of 84%. It is also one of the few online vendors that offer sugar leaves (trim) for sale.

Apparently their gummies come in two varieties – broad spectrum and full spectrum. Dry THCa craft hashes come in several different types, which indicates that they are strain-specific. Sift is said to enhance the effects of entourage when sprinkled over the buds.

What People Say

The reviews seem genuine, with full names and many different voices, as one would expect from a store that attracts a wide variety of buyers. The overall tone of the reviews is positive, with an emphasis on fast shipping as well as great taste.

For the best-selling Banana Mac variety, reviewers literally wrote poems about the taste, flavor, flavor and effects (one reviewer wrote his review in rhyme). In some cases, the reviews are very detailed or just full of appreciation. One reviewer, apparently a long-time buyer, even mentioned that the taste and aroma got better with each successive release.

The next favorite is the Bordeaux variety, and the buyers who decided to leave a review have only high marks for this product. From nose treatment and visual appeal to taste and effects, this strain has won many hearts based on what the reviews have to say.

Sugar Leaf (trim/shake) has many happy buyers due to its low price. Delta-8 rubber candies are also well-loved by buyers for their great taste and consistently good effects that users say provide the right balance of relaxation without any side effects.

Reviews often mention fast shipping and excellent customer service.

Flow Gardens Coupons and Discounts

The company offers special discounts, free gifts, product updates and “once in a lifetime” deals through its newsletter. But unlike most merchants, it does not try to pop up a registration pop-up immediately after the homepage loads for a first-time visitor.

The store also has discounted prices on some products and these are probably announced in advance via the newsletter.

Apart from these two options, there is no separate reward, discount or loyalty program. The company comes across as a company that quietly trusts in what it offers and believes in the community it has built around itself.

Flow Gardens complies with the legal threshold of 0.3% Delta-9 THC in all of its products set by the federal government through the 2018 Farm Bill. All rule pages are linked from the navigation panel in the footer of the website. Complies with all state and federal regulations that apply to the manufacturer and seller of cannabis products. There is also an FDA Disclaimer as well as various policy pages.

All products come with the appropriate strain and date certificates of analysis tested at a third-party laboratory. This way buyers know exactly what the composition of CBD flowers or derivative products is. Otherwise, the company claims to comply with all state and federal laws.

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