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Almost every store, gas station and convenience store has at least a few products from the prolific Diamond CBD brand. Recognized as one of the most popular names in hemp products, Diamond CBD maintains an unrivaled presence on the shelves of smoke shops.

With its attractive branding and shiny packaging, Diamond CBD certainly appeals to those who rely primarily on their senses to pick hemp products off the shelf. However, with their intrusive marketing tactics, gullible people wonder why such a well-known name has to use such invasive methods to secure sales.

What is Diamond CBD?

Unless you have spent most of your life living under a rock, Diamond CBD is perhaps the most recognizable hemp brand out there. They make money primarily by supplying to smoke shops, although they also take and fulfill orders through their website.

For obvious reasons, Diamond CBD joins many other brands in the smoke shop category. These businesses cater to buyers with limited knowledge about the quality of cannabis or to those who are in a difficult situation and need a quick solution.

And because of the unique market segment they serve, these smoke shop brands must maintain a significant reputation as most of their products are purchased in person.

To achieve this, Diamond CBD has partnered with almost every smoke shop in every neighborhood and this is how it has managed to become so recognizable to people in the cannabis community.

But on the other hand, notoriety does not always equal quality. In the case of Diamond CBD, it seems that customers don’t complain too much about the potency and purity of their product. However, numerous reports of questionable marketing tactics have dealt a blow to Diamond CBD’s image.

Diamond CBD Products and Prices

If you can think of it, Diamond CBD has it. These guys have pushed the boundaries of hemp product development and offer an incredibly wide range of products that defy what many consumers might believe is possible.

Selling just about every type of CBD and hemp product you can think of, Diamond CBD leaves no stone unturned. In doing so, they hope to dominate home furnishings and stores by offering products that no other cigarette brand can offer.

So what exactly does their product range include? Here are a few of their most popular products:

  • Broad Spectrum Melatonin CBD Gummies
  • CBD Bath Bombs
  • CBD Isolated Lip Balm
  • CBD Oil
  • Full Spectrum CBD Infused Honey
  • CBD Pain Relief Cream
  • CBD Isolated Gummies
  • CBD.Infused bath salts
  • Delta-8 THC gummies
  • Delta-10 THC gummies

Note that this is not a completely comprehensive list, but it still gives you an idea of how extensive Diamond CBD’s product range can be. All their products are packaged in beautifully designed tubes and bottles, which adds to the brand’s appeal. But as most experienced cannabis users will tell you, visuals can be deceiving.

In fact, Diamond CBD seems to be using the appeal of its bags to charge higher prices than you would normally find at a specialist retailer. For perspective, they’re asking about $600 for 550 drops of unflavored CBD oil at 45 mg strength.

Running the numbers, you’ll need between 2 and 6 drops for every pound of your body weight. So obviously a small bottle won’t last more than a few days.

Diamond CBD Reviews and Testimonials

Consumer reviews provide the best perspective on different CBD brands. Reading customer reviews can give you a more accurate idea of what a brand is like and what it stands for.

Fortunately for potential Diamond CBD buyers, the brand gets quite a lot of reviews online. While very few people complain about the quality of the products, the vendor is highly praised for its consistent formulas.

Naturally, this is to be expected from a head shop brand. These sellers usually standardize their formulas. This means that they use every tactic possible to limit the fluctuation in the benefits of their products from batch to batch.

So you can expect the effects you get from a Diamond CBD product today to be pretty much the same as the effects you get from the Diamond CBD product you buy months (or even years) from now.

All that said, it’s not all peaches and roses for the Diamond CBD brand. On Trustpilot, the seller gets a lot of criticism. While they hardly use the platform to collect reviews (perhaps because of the negative foundation they have there), it shows quite a few entries from disgruntled users.

According to them, the seller tends to bombard buyers with promotional text messages that can consume the life of your cell phone. The alerts can be so intrusive that they can become reason enough for loyal customers to give up.

Ultimately, the question arises as to why the seller feels the need to be so intrusive. After all, a brand that offers high-quality products will not have to try too hard to get buyers to patronize their products, as their offers will do the job for them.

Diamond CBD Discount Codes & Coupons

Like other cannabis brands, Diamond CBD has several discount options that benefit the most loyal customers. One of them, of course, is mailing lists and SMS notifications, which can be intrusive at best.

If you are looking for something less intrusive, you can join their loyalty program. At the highest level, you can earn 10 points for every dollar you spend. These loyalty points can be used to get discounts on future orders.

And of course, there is the standard shipping rate discount when you order at least $100 worth of products. For recurring customers, you can opt for subscription packages that receive discount packages added monthly to your registered card details and shipped to your doorstep without your manual intervention.

Thus, despite its rather expensive prices, Diamond CBD lowers the price of its products to the industry standard by offering various methods for customers to save money on their purchases.

Diamond CBD – Is it worth it?

Perhaps the quality of their products is not too bad and their consistency deserves some appreciation. However, considering all aspects, Diamond CBD is just another head shop brand.

If anything, their wide selection is the most remarkable thing about them. If you are hoping to try something new and out of your comfort zone, this interesting range might be worth a try. Otherwise, there are tons of other reputable retailers offering high quality cannabis products at a lower price point.

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