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Nourishing and stimulating, Cherry Blossom’s gentle tilt towards the end of the Indian spectrum will have you glued to the couch within minutes. But while paralyzing your body, Cherry Blossom awakens your mind and initiates a color cognition that will have you thinking and daydreaming for its duration.

But more than its effect on the system, Cherry Blossom gets a lot of patronage for its dynamic flavor profile. Combining the terpenes of two popular fruit-centric parent profiles, Cherry Blossom dances with taste buds in a delightful tango of fruits, sweets and berries.

Cherry Blossom cannabis strain overview

A top choice among Generation Z cannabis enthusiasts, Cherry Blossom brings distinct flavors that really help it stand out from the cannabis crowd. The sweet, fruity terpenes make the smoking experience much more tolerable for beginners, novices and low tolerance users who can’t take skunk.

In addition to the cannabinoid cocktail that evokes sensory pleasure, Cherry Blossom also has an attractive appearance that gives it exceptional appeal in the bag. The tightly bundled tips are wrapped in a delicate lattice of orange twigs. Every inch of the buds has bright, shiny, white trichomes that leave a sticky trail on the fingers.

Overall uplifting, Cherry Blossom does not fully awaken the body. Instead, it locks the limbs while stimulating the mind, so you can explore a new headspace while your body recovers after a hard day’s work.

Cherry Blossom Genetics

Interestingly, no one knows for sure where the Cherry Blossom originated. This is mainly because this strain existed before cannabis was legalized. However, some reports on the internet claim that Cherry Blossom is the love child of two important strains that are seriously recognized in their own right.

Berry Blossom

The hardy Berry Blossom strain resonates closer to the indica end of the potency spectrum. Beautiful bright avocado and lavender flowers come together in tight, dense clusters, giving this variety a unique jar appeal.

Light and easy, Berry Blossom highlights floral and fruity notes with a delicate, organic aroma and flavor that dances delightfully with the senses. Slow, relaxed and seductive, this sensual strain soothes the mind and body for a truly relaxing encounter.

Cherry Pie

Considered the queen of all desserts, Cherry Pie delivers a punch of astringent sweetness that captivates the taste buds. Often used to give strains a strong, toffee tone, Cherry Pie contributes a distinct genetic flavor that comes through when you snort a Cherry Blossom.

Perfectly balanced between indica and sativa, Cherry Pie induces both mind and body relaxation with a subtle kick of creativity. In lower doses, this strain can help you achieve a controlled sense of productivity that can keep you moving at a slow and steady pace, perfect for brainless repetitive tasks.

Effects of Cherry Blossom Cannabis Strain

A dose of Cherry Blossom can make you feel completely relaxed. This strain works effectively to subdue the body so that you can focus all your mental energy on your thoughts and emotions. Once the smoke reaches the back of your throat, the strain starts to work to readjust your mood so that you can enjoy a deep calm.

Fast-acting, Cherry Blossom’s chemistry starts working within 10 to 15 minutes at most. The effect peaks after about 30 minutes and lasts for up to 2 hours if you get your hands on the high quality ingredient.

However, keep in mind that your experience may differ slightly from what you read online. Differences in product quality, body chemistry and tolerance can affect the cocktail of benefits you get from a single dose.

  • Drowsiness
  • Mental calmness
  • Relief from discomfort
  • Relief from stress
  • Relaxation, Physical calmness
  • Creative headspace
  • Increased and awakened cognition
  • Physical paralysis

FYI, Cherry Blossom does not immobilize your body. Of course, you can still move. But what it removes is the desire to do so. Cherry Blossom removes the motivation to move, to get up and move around, so ultimately you want to unload while you enjoy the colorful thoughts that pass through your mind.

Putting you into a sleep-like state of wakefulness, Cherry Blossom relaxes your body so that you can focus 100% of your attention on what’s inside your head.

Although it is a relatively slow and relaxing strain, Cherry Blossom can still overwhelm first-time users. Therefore, if you’re taking this strain for the first time, make sure to measure a test dose first to gauge your body’s response. As you reach larger amounts, you should notice that the effect of the strain is closer to the Indian side of the spectrum.

Taste and Aroma of Cherry Blossom Cannabis Strain

What attracts beginners to a jar of Cherry Blossom is its appearance and aroma. There seems to be no doubt that Mother Nature has created Cherry Blossom with looks and flavors that will appeal to those who rely heavily on their senses to choose the right cannabis strain.

At first glance, Cherry Blossom’s vibrant colors and dynamic branches and trichomes make it stand out blatantly on the cannabis array shelf. And when you open the jar, a pleasant fruity, floral and toffee aroma emanates, saturating the air with its sweet, delectable blend.

During use, Cherry Blossom maintains its friendly interaction with the senses. Its light and airy smoke does not irritate the windpipe, allowing the soft sweetness to enter the lungs without causing a strong cough.

The taste of the smoke is exactly like the smell of the Cherry Blossom strain. Perhaps the only difference is that at the end of the experience, the strain leaves a subtle trace of bitterness that lingers in the back of your mouth long after the smoke has left your system.

On the other hand, Cherry Blossom proves to be an excellent choice for low tolerance users who struggle to deal with the strong, aggressive and pungent smoke that many other strains tend to produce.

Grab a Stash of Cherry Blossom Today

Whether you are an experienced or novice user, Cherry Blossom offers effects and flavors that may be right for you. Offering an enjoyable and smooth sensory experience, Cherry Blossom brings with it benefits that help you enjoy true relaxation

So if you’re hoping to unwind at the end of a long day without having to induce a sleepy stupor, Cherry Blossom could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Light, easy and insanely delicious, it’s no wonder how this variety has found its way into the regular rotation of most consumers

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