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Combining the dual power of the Lion’s Tabernacle and SFV OG cannabis strains, the CBD OG hemp strain is quite powerful. Taking the OG part of its name from its parents’ SFV OG, it certainly lives up to the expectations created by such a famous lineage.

The OG Kush family needs no introduction as it is one of the most potent strains to ever grace the west coast. The CBD OG strain that is part of this family provides a high concentration of CBD and a great flavor profile. This makes it one of the best CBD hemp flowers for smoking and vaporizing.

CBD OG Strain and Genetics

CBD OG was carefully created by renowned breeder Cali Connection, who took San Fernando Valley Kush (SFV OG) and Lion’s Tabernacle and crossed them to get the best of both worlds while minimizing THC expression in both. Thus, the CBD OG cannabis strain was born, just in time for the legal cannabis industry post-2018.

SFV OG is a special strain developed by Cali Connection that provides pain relief without the intoxication of THC. Which makes it an ideal choice for a CBD OG parent. It has distinct lemon and pine notes and is very flavorful. This is a Sativa dominant strain.

The Lion’s Tabernacle strain is known for its intense euphoric high, fueled in part by its Indica dominant nature. It induces intense physical relaxation through a powerful side effect created by its intense terpene and cannabinoid profiles. The aroma signature has spicy, fruity and herbal notes that translate well into the tasting notes. This strain has a complex pedigree with a strong Jamaican influence.

With such a complex pedigree, it is not surprising that CBD OG has such an intense aromatic bouquet and strong therapeutic effects.

Growers’ perspective on the CBD OG strain

CBD OG is an ideal strain that is stable and easy to grow, with high yields and high CBD concentrations. Its flowers have very little obvious THC content, making it ideal for the current recreational cannabinoid market, which needs flowers with THC concentrations below 0.3%.

Gardeners seem to love it because it doesn’t require much attention and has a high germination rate. The fruits are good looking, predominantly olive green in color, offset by golden yellow stalks extending outwards. It has a great bagging appeal when properly cut and dried.

Potency of the CBD OG strain

The CBD OG strain officially has a 10% CBD concentration in the flowers. However, professional growers can sometimes increase the concentration to 15% or more with special cultivation techniques.

Since the concentration is above 10%, it is officially considered high potency. However, the commercial market is at the medium to low end of the scale, as some of the strongest CBD flowers can reach 20% and even a little more.

Aromatic Presence of CBD OG Strain

The CBD OG strain has a very pleasant bouquet of citrus, wood, spice and earth. These notes combine to create a very pleasant aromatic profile that is immediately noticeable when you open the package.

The thick terpene profile gives the same feeling as high-end cannabis buds, but without the intoxication of THC of course. These terpenes are not just about smell and taste. They combine with the cannabinoids found in flowers (in this case mostly CBD) to create an entourage effect. This combined effect is a powerful therapeutic property of the cannabis plant that is still being researched and understood.

Terpenes have long been used for aromatherapy, so we now have a very good understanding of how smell and taste alone can positively affect your health.

Effects of the CBD OG strain

As an Indica-Sativa hybrid strain, it has a beautifully balanced effect that can take you where you want to go. It doesn’t put you to sleep or make you run a few miles, but it relaxes you and lets you decide whether you want to work or rest. This makes it a good flower for general purposes. Users report a variety of therapeutic effects, such as relieving physical pain, mental stress and anxious thoughts, relieving inflammation, and stabilizing mood swings. Overall, it is a great strain if you are looking for mood elevation and physical relaxation without intoxicating or sleep-inducing effects.

Therefore, CBD OG strain color is suitable for both medical and recreational users. It is readily available from a number of online CBD hemp retailers, making it easily accessible to most buyers.

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