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harmaCBD is a hemp-centered company that strives to provide the best CBD products on the market. The company realizes that there is a wide range of CBD and delta-8 products available for you to choose from. Therefore, it tries to make your job easier by providing you with the best products at a reasonable price.

According to the company, its entire inventory is 100 percent compliant with federal laws. All of its products are also processed using advanced extraction methods such as supercritical CO2 extraction. This type of extraction provides cannabinoid, flavonoid and terpene-rich cannabis products without the residual extraction chemicals produced by other popular extraction methods.

Furthermore, all of the company’s products undergo rigorous third-party laboratory testing and the results are freely available on its website. This gives you peace of mind knowing that each product contains what it says on the label and is free of harmful chemicals or toxins.

Let’s see what else the company has to offer.

Overview of PharmaKBD Products and Services

PharmaKBD offers a wide range of products, including ointments, capsules, edibles, cannabis flower, Delta-8 THC, pet products, tinctures and vaporizers.

One of the company’s most popular products is Delta-8 THC gummies. They taste quite delicious and make a great snack. They promise to relax you but they are not very strong. This makes them ideal for first-time users and those who just want to relax without having too strong an effect.

If Delta-8 THC gummies are not strong enough for you, you can try the company’s Delta-8 cartridges. These cartridges are much stronger than their rubber counterparts and provide smooth hits with great flavor. Overall, these cartridges give a smooth and relaxing high thanks to the 96 percent Delta-8 THC concentration, which is significantly higher than what most companies offer.

FarmaCBD also offers a wide selection of Delta-8 THC flowers that come in various strains. Every cannabis flower in the company’s inventory is loaded with Delta-8 THC, CBD and a host of other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

Some of the company’s most popular strains include Sour Space Candy, Cookie Dough and Blackberry Haze.

Sour Space Candy offers a fruity flavor with a mix of sweet and sour. This Sativa-dominant hybrid will leave you feeling focused and invigorated as its aroma surrounds you.

Cookie Dough, on the other hand, offers a sweet, minty taste and gives you a relaxing, sensational experience. Similarly, Blackberry Haze comes in a sweet berry aroma with hints of cocoa, spice and violet. It usually gives you an energizing experience along with a relaxing feeling.

Delta-8 If you prefer a more sophisticated approach to consuming THC, you can also try the company’s Delta-8 capsules. There aren’t many options here, but you can get good 900 mg capsules for less than 30 dollars.

Overall, PharmaCBD’s products are very effective and provide a great taste. The company’s website is also quite easy to navigate, so you should have no problem looking for your favorite products in its online store.

Cost of PharmaCBD Products and Price Comparison

One of the most remarkable things about PharmaCBD is their affordable prices. While most of their products are brand specific, they are significantly cheaper than what other companies offer. Here is a quick breakdown of how the company’s products compare to those of other vendors in each category.

Category Product Price at PharmaCBD Other Sellers
Salvi PharmaCBD Topical Slave $26.95 $30.00
Capsules 900mg 30 Count Delta-8 Capsules $29.95 $39.99%
Edibles 25mg Delta-10 Edibles $29.50 $30.00
Hemp Flower 1.2g Pre-Shrink CBD Shots $7.95 $9.99
Delta-8 THC products Delta-8 dabs $29.95% $29.99
Pet products PharmaCBD 656mg pet tincture P $29.95 $30.00
Tinctures Flagship Full Spectrum Tincture Oil $69.95 $79.99
Vapes PharmaCBD Delta-8 Vape Cartridge $39.95% $39.99

PharmaCBD Customer Reviews

Customers seem to be really impressed with PharmaCBD products. There are numerous positive customer reviews both on the company’s website and in nature. Customers are particularly impressed with the effectiveness of the company’s products and the quality of customer service they receive.

In the testimonials section of the company’s website, one customer says:

“My wife and I work in the health field and Delta-8 gummies work wonders in dealing with stress! Great customer service and products. 10 out of 10. We will continue to order from you and I will spread the word.”

Another customer on the same platform said: “Great customer service and great products! Sales are great too! My favorite Delta-8 source.”

On Facebook, we also found numerous customers who had nothing but praise for the company. One customer on Facebook said:

“Good products and the owner is very informative!” Another customer on the same platform said, “Great! High quality products. Best customer service on the planet. They will literally go the extra mile (or 5 miles) for their customers!”

Complaints from PharmaCBD

All the customer reviews we found at the time of this writing were positive. We could not find any unhappy customers, but we will keep you informed if anything happens.

PharmaCBD Coupons and Discounts

Unfortunately, PharmaCBD does not have a referral program or coupon. But the company makes up for it with its impressively low prices, especially on bulk purchases. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive the latest news about the company’s promotions.

Lab Tests

According to the company, all its products comply with federal laws. All products also undergo extensive third-party laboratory testing for harmful chemicals and toxins. Based on the numerous positive customer reviews we have seen in the wild and the fact that there are no pending lawsuits against the company regarding manipulation or fraud, we can safely say that the company is legitimate.


PharmaCBD is undoubtedly one of the best CBD companies in terms of product quality, customer service and delivery. It also has an impressive collection of Delta-8 products that are not only effective but also quite tasty. Although it is still a relatively young company in the CBD industry, it gives more established brands a chance to benefit from its services.

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