Joy smith is working hard to build the best cbd company in the world.


People across the country struggle every day with common but frustrating health problems like chronic pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. But few people turn their quest for relief into a company that is actively helping to change the world.

At the top of that list is Joy Smith.

After her son suggested CBD as a possible treatment option for Joy’s personal struggle with sleep and other issues, she began doing her own in-depth research. Although initially hesitant, she tried CBD and, in her own words, “was instantly hooked.”

But not every product she tried during her first journey with CBD provided relief. Some didn’t even seem to work at all! Over time, Joy began to realize that there were some companies out there selling some pretty bad products. Over and over, brand after brand, she kept trying CBD products that didn’t meet her expectations.

It was this experience that eventually inspired her to start Joy Organics (with her husband Todd). Her goal is to “develop premium CBD products through innovation and excellence, with convenient service.” She wanted to make sure customers were getting the best quality product they could find. With every product, a customer could find rigorous third-party lab testing with transparent results that were easily accessible.

Joy Smith had a mission to build the best CBD company in the world.

But how does a mother, grandmother, humanitarian and former Christian minister run a company while staying true to her personal belief system?

In addition to her monthly donations to a different cause or charity that is important to her heart, one of the most important and world-changing ways she gives back is by establishing an annual event called Day of Joy. While this day technically falls on her birthday, Joy has managed to turn a day normally reserved for receiving gifts into a day focused entirely on giving.

Day of Joy stems directly from her humanitarian roots. In the years before Joy Organics was founded, Joy visited Uganda many times and got to know and love the Ugandan people. Through her work with various non-profit initiatives in the country, she was introduced to Hope Primary School in northwestern Uganda.

The children who attend Hope Primary School come primarily from the nearby Reno refugee camp and have suffered untold pain, trauma and displacement due to physical and political violence in South Sudan and Congo. In many cases, Hope Primary School provided education and counseling, as well as the only food they would eat that day.

Seeing all of this truly impacted Joy not only as a compassionate human being, but also as a mother and grandmother. She wanted to use her company to help make as big a difference as possible.

Her desire to help and support these children led her to collaborate with the Greater Hope Project and thus Joy’s Day was born.

Giving Back is at the heart of making the company the best CBD company in the world.

Every Joy’s Day, customers will be able to purchase all products on the site at 40% off. These are the lowest prices all year! This means that CBD products are becoming even more financially accessible to make a difference in people’s lives. But while the prices are incredible, what’s even more inspiring is where this money will go.

For every item purchased on Joy Day, Joy will donate $4.88 to the Greater Hope Project. This money goes directly to providing meals to the thousands of children who attend and benefit from Greater Hope Elementary School every day.

While $4.88 may not seem like a lot of money at first glance, it can provide two meals for one child every day. And that’s just by buying one product! Imagine the amazing things an entire community can do to help.

This amount can really add up. In 2019, Day of Joy provided 200,000 meals for Hope Primary School! And it doesn’t stop there. Smith’s 2020 goal is an awe-inspiring 500,000 meals, enough to provide both breakfast and lunch to every child attending the school for two full years.

Joy Smith is indeed not only striving to change the world, she is achieving it. She has taken her personal beliefs and used them to build a great company that not only sells the highest quality, lab-tested CBD products, but a company that focuses on making a real difference for people around the world.

Is there really a better way to put your money where your mouth is?

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