Here are 5 unique cbd valentine’s day gifts for yourself

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Everyone knows that gifts are an expected part of celebrating Cupid’s big day with your sweetheart. We are all looking for that perfect, sexy yet meaningful gift for our loved ones without diving too deep into the clichéd options. But what happens when we direct that love towards ourselves? We’ve compiled the 5 most unique Valentine’s Day gifts from CBD that you can enjoy alone or insist on inviting your partner to enjoy.

This year, treat yourself as much as your loved one. Besides, you never need a valentine to enjoy Valentine’s Day. In our opinion, there is always a good reason to give yourself a CBD Valentine’s Day gift

Five Unique CBD Valentine’s Day Gifts for Yourself

CBD Bath Bombs

There is nothing sexier than a hot, steamy, romantic bath with your loved one. Many people prefer to use a wonderfully scented bath bomb to add fun to Valentine’s Day. However, while CBD bath bombs have romantic scents, they also have other scents that are perfect for unwinding long after the holiday is over.

With scents like lavender, eucalyptus and “therapeutic”, each of these cbdMD bath bombs contains 100 mg of CBD to help relax muscles and mind. And who doesn’t need more in their life, with or without a partner

CBD-infused personal lubricant

Many people think that lubricant is something that can only be used with a partner, but that’s actually not the case! CBD-based lubricants like this Arousal Oil are an excellent and natural way to increase intimacy with your partner on Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

Containing 200 mg of broad spectrum CBD, this lubricant can be used with all non-latex toys and for manual stimulation (AKA self-pleasuring), so you can continue to enjoy the benefits on your own as well. CBD naturally works to reduce tension, increase tissue oxygenation (which aids stimulation) and reduce pain. Everyone deserves to experience great orgasms, whether they have a partner or not.

CBD Marijuana Pens

Marijuana Pens are a great gift for any partner interested in CBD or cannabis in general. But they are also easy to fall in love with, which can make them difficult to give as gifts! Vaporizer pens like the Linx Blaze Onyx Vaporizer, which comes in a stylish carrying case, are also the perfect gift for yourself. They can be used for a variety of products (cartridges, oils, wax, etc.) and are a quick and discreet way to enjoy all the benefits of CBD on the go.

CBD Infused Coffees and Teas

Who doesn’t love a little snack in bed on Valentine’s Day? Making fresh coffee for your loved one is a great and simple way to let them know how much they mean to you. But when the big celebration is over, don’t forget to reward yourself too! Options like this dark roasted Brazilian coffee from Subduction Coffee + Hemp (with 30 mg CBD per cup) or this raspberry iced tea from FeelOki (with 20 mg CBD per bottle) will help you approach each day with peace of mind. You can even take this peace of mind with you on the road or to work.

CBD Chocolate

While buying chocolate for Valentine’s Day may seem cliché, think of it as rethinking chocolate. Packed with CBD, it allows you to get your daily dose in a delicious and fun way. Take these Koala Bars for example. Each bar contains 500 mg of broad spectrum CBD and comes in delicious flavors like “Cookies & Cream”, “Banana Pudding”, “Amaretto Orange” and “PB&J”. Once you try them, you may find it hard to give them up, holiday or not! We also love this Blue Ridge Superfood Alchemy chocolate bar with added adaptogens.

Edibles are one of the easiest and tastiest ways to get your daily dose of CBD. They also provide long-lasting relief against pain, anxiety, depression and nausea. Why not break up with your lover and share the love

Unique gifts you can give yourself or your partner

So this Valentine’s Day, if you don’t want to stick to the traditional date night with your partner, why not turn around and look for a way to pamper yourself? You deserve just as much stress-free energy, peace and relaxation in your life. Never feel guilty for taking care of yourself and especially for loving yourself!

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