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Are you trying to quit your smoking habit but are bothered by cravings? We hear you. One of the hardest things about quitting smoking is the constant craving for a cigarette. While vapor is always a fun alternative, nothing compares to the warmth of a light cigarette placed between your lips.

So what’s a smoker to do? Fortunately, cannabis cigarettes have become quite common. Offering the same experience without the nicotine, this non-addictive alternative can satisfy your craving as you continue down the path to freedom from tobacco.

Wild Hemp

Created in 2018, Wild Hemp was one of the first brands on the market to take advantage of changes in legislation as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill. They are proud to be recognized as the first business in history to offer hemp cigarettes, which clearly makes them an authority in the field.

And because they were first on the scene, Wild Hemp had the advantage of time to develop products that researched the preferences of hemp smokers across the country. That is why when you visit their website today you will see an interesting variety of all things related to hemp cigarettes.

In addition to selling much larger cigars, Wild Hemp also offers a selection of flavored hemp cigarettes that meet the needs of people with specific preferences. From menthol to pineapple to sweet CBD, Wild Hemp offers options that make smoking an even more dynamic sensory experience.

Redwood Reserves

Another popular brand on the scene, Redwood Reserves holds a large portion of the market share for hemp cigarettes. Based in Portland, Oregon, this supplier found its purpose in providing high-quality hemp smoking products after discovering a huge gap in the market.

Using hemp plants that are carefully grown on their own family farm, Redwood Reserves guarantees the safety and strength of their products. According to the vendor, they only use sustainable, ethical hemp growing techniques and practices, which allows for a higher concentration of cannabinoids in each plant.

While their selection may seem limited, their original and menthol CBD cigarettes have made waves in the market. They sell their hemp cigarettes in single units (called loosies), in packs of 20, or in cartons containing 10 packs.

Oklahoma Smokes

If you are one of those customers who are particularly careful about the safety of your product, Oklahoma Smokes might have what you need. These guys use 100% organic hemp plants for their hemp cigarettes. For you, this means zero pesticides, herbicides, additives and other harmful chemicals.

Each of their cigarettes contains the standard 50 mg of CBD. They also carefully dry and cure their hemp to give it a grassy, organic flavor that is very similar to cigarettes for a more authentic experience.

Oklahoma Smokes cigarettes, free of tobacco, nicotine and additives, are also available at a slightly lower price than other retailers. With numerous reviews from real buyers backing their products, it’s hard to find a reason not to trust Oklahoma Smokes with your next hemp flower cigarette purchase.

How to Choose Hemp Flower Cigarettes

These days, more and more sellers have started offering hemp flower cigarettes to meet the ever-growing demand. And since there are more sellers on the scene, you can also expect there to be more disappointments.

To avoid companies that offer less than satisfactory cannabis flower cigarettes, make sure to keep these tips in mind.

  1. Buy from reputable sources – The first deterrent against sub-par cannabis flower cigarettes is brand reputation. Sellers who place a high value on their image and reputation risk losing more when they fail to satisfy their customers.
    1. Ask for lab reports – Certificates of analysis show the chemical composition of the cannabis flower contained in the cigarettes. This tells you how much of each cannabinoid is in it and therefore what kind of effect you can expect from a cigarette.

    Today, certificates of analysis are available on most sellers’ websites or are sent with every order. And since this has become a standard practice among most sellers, it doesn’t really make sense to take your chances with brands that don’t provide the documentation.

    1. Read reviews – You can learn a lot from what previous customers have to say. Reading reviews from verified customers gives you first-hand information about the quality of the product and the efforts suppliers make to satisfy their customers.

    However, be aware that some brands do fake reviews. Therefore, check across sources to see if there are consistent reviews on the web.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Cigarettes

    Cannabis cigarettes are not new, but they are certainly not very well known among the public. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people have questions about the cigarettes, what they do and how they work.

    • Are cannabis cigarettes safe? Yes. As long as you buy cannabis cigarettes from a trusted supplier, you don’t have to worry about safety issues. These products contain nothing but hemp, a federally permitted product that is not addictive like tobacco.
    • Can cannabis cigarettes help you quit smoking? They do not treat smoking addiction, but they can help. People who replace tobacco cigarettes with cannabis cigarettes find that adding nicotine replacement (such as patches) helps make the effort more effective.

    Remember that cannabis flower cigarettes do not contain nicotine. They may only satisfy the desire to smoke, but they do not eliminate your body’s dependence on certain chemicals found in cigarettes.

    • Can hemp cigarettes get you high? Hemp cigarettes contain only cannabis, a close relative of marijuana. Although both products are derived from the same plant, hemp contains almost no tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana.
      • Are hemp flower cigarettes addictive? There are no compounds in hemp flower that are considered addictive. These cigarettes also do not contain tobacco, so you cannot expect to develop an addiction to hemp flower cigarettes in the same way you do to tobacco cigarettes.
      • Are hemp flower cigarettes legal? They are legal at the federal level. But keep in mind that different states, cities and counties have passed their own laws to control and regulate the movement of cannabis products within their borders.

        Safe for smoking

        Cannabis flower cigarettes can help curb the desire to smoke without the harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. And while they won’t solve the problem of smoking addiction on their own, they can help you take the first few steps towards freedom.

        Try these top brands of hemp flower cigarettes on the market and discover premium hemp smoking products that mimic an authentic smoking experience.

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