Hear from women in cannabis about being an exhibitor at a cannabis event


During the pandemic, much of the world was shut down, shut down and no longer functioning. Everything seemed unsafe and the way people interacted with each other as the “norm” completely changed. Cannabis became indispensable, so the industry was still active, but there were no cannabis events.

When we shouted “Happy New Year” on January 1, 2022, it seemed to me that the world of cannabis events opened wide. Every week, a new event in a new state; I mean there are so many events happening that if we put them on a calendar, I’m willing to bet that a different event happens every 3 days.

With these new cannabis events come new participants, vendors, speakers and exhibitors. Many of them are entering the cannabis space for the first time, maybe even for the first time in a long time.

I attend the events as a member of the media/press, so I can’t give advice on what it takes to be a vendor or participant at an event, but I know a bunch of women in the cannabis space who are great at it! If you check out their social media pages, you will find these cannabis patrons at different events, in different locations, more than a couple times a month.

Photo of Sunflowers Spacecakes at Cannafest PA, courtesy of Cannavibezz Media, LLC

This is for beginners and/or aspiring vendors who are new to selling. Below is a short Q&A with 3 female cannabis/cannabis businesses operating in Florida and Pennsylvania. We talked about traveling to events and establishing yourself as a vendor, the most challenging parts of vending, the most rewarding parts of vending, and tips on the equipment that should be in the vendor booth.

Q & A Women Owned Cannabis: The Green Baker, Hygh Maintenance Society and Sunflower’s Spacecakes

The Green Baker is a cannabis chef with 20 years of culinary experience. He creates a variety of infused infusions, dishes and buffets; and is passionate about cannabis promotion and education.

Hygh Maintenance Society is an online store for boogie cannabis lovers. The company offers skin care products, accessories, services, infused edibles and is passionate about black cannabis lovers.

Sunflowers Spacecakes is a vegan, 420-friendly catering company that bakes edibles, makes meals, extracts their own oils, offers educational experiences and is passionate about healing people through the power of love and cannabis.

How many times have you been a vendor/participant since founding your company/brand?

The Green Baker: “Oh my gosh… too many to count, but if I had to guess, I would say about 80-90 times and counting.”

Hygh Maintenance Society: “I have sold over 100 times since I started my company.”

Sunflowers Spacecakes: “Since starting my brand in 2014, I have made over a few hundred sales.”

Do you stay local or do you travel to different events/festivals?

The Green Baker: “When I first started I was only working locally, then I expanded and started traveling around the state of Florida. Now I only travel out of the area if it is absolutely financially feasible and for a specific purpose.”

Hygh Care Association: “I attend events and festivals both locally and out of town, my first trip was to Arkansas for a festival.”

Sunflowers Spacecakes: “We are very involved locally and this has provided many opportunities and invitations to sell out of state.”

Photo of Hygh Maintenance Society at Cannafest PA, courtesy of Cannavibezz Media, LLC

What is the hardest part about being a vendor/exhibitor?

The Green Baker: To me, it’s sourcing, making, buying all the products you’re going to sell and also having the funds to support the behind the scenes operations.”

Hygh Maintenance Society: “The most challenging thing about vending is when the event doesn’t turn out the way you expected. Disappointment is hard.”

Sunflowers Spacecakes: “We find the hardest thing when we travel out of town and have to get the proper licenses and permits.”

What is the most rewarding thing about being a vendor/exhibitor?

The Green Baker: “My most satisfying moments in vending are meeting new people, talking face to face with my customer base, networking with other vendors, and educating and surprising the community with my presence.”

Hygh Maintenance Society: “The most rewarding part of vending is connecting with people who have followed my business from the beginning and the feeling I get when someone walks by and comes to my table; it’s like they’ve found their people.”

Sunflowers Spacecakes: “The most rewarding thing for us is always helping someone heal. It’s nice to see the same people at different events and hear from them that our products bring them relief.”

What are 3 tips you would offer to those who want to go to market as a vendor?

Green Baker: “1.) Don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up. 2.) Never underestimate the power of networking and collaboration. 3.) Be passionate about your products, no matter what you set out to sell.”

Hogi Support Community: “1.) Know your audience and determine if an event is right for your company. 2.) Engage with people. Even if they don’t buy anything, there is one more person who is aware of your business. 3.) Have fun!”

Sunflowers Spacecakes: “1.) Make them. 2.) Don’t be afraid. 3.) Know why.”

Photo of Green Bakers at an event in Florida, photo from Green Bakers Instagram page

What are the 3 must-have items for a vendor booth?

Green Bakers: “1.) Blower and bug spray. I’m from Florida, so this is VERY handy. 2.) Marking: cards, stickers, banners, tablecloth, etc. 3.) Lights with batteries or rechargeable batteries.”

Hogi Care Association: “1.) Happy/fun personality. 2.) Set up to draw people in. 3.) A helping hand for bathroom breaks.”

Sunflowers Spacecakes: “1.) Table. 2.) Product display. 3.) “

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