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CBD has attracted millions of people around the world who want to live their lives at their best, which has led to many brands in the industry catching competitive fire. Some of these big brands seem to have a clear lead over their competitors, but you may be surprised to learn that many smaller brands actually take an extra step to verify their quality for consumers – USDA Organic Certifications.

If you are looking for products that are free of pesticides, herbicides and other harsh chemicals, USDA Certified Organic CBD Brands may be the way to go. Only a few brands offer a fully organic selection, while others may only have a few USDA certified organic CBD products to choose from. Below you will find a list of both.

Can CBD be certified organic by the USDA?

Hemp, and subsequently CBD, has maintained the same classification as marijuana for decades, making it an illegal product. The USDA finally declared hemp a certified organic crop after it gained partial legal status under the 2014 Farm Bill – but only for farms that adhered to a state pilot program under federal regulations at the time.

Fortunately, the 2018 Farm Bill replaces the 2014 law and effectively removes hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, giving US brands the right to grow and produce hemp products. The language of the bill defines hemp as the plant Cannabis sativa L. (containing less than 0.3% THC) and “any part of the plant,” including cannabinoids derived from hemp.

The 2018 bill is pending. The US Department of Agriculture has accordingly updated its regulations so that any brand with sales of more than $5,000 a year can request organic certification for hemp products – and they do not specify what types of products can be made from hemp, leaving open the possibility that brands can request certification for CBD products made from hemp.

Standards for USDA Certified Organic CBD Brands

The USDA organic certification process is difficult and lengthy, which seems to be a deterrent for many brands in the industry despite their claims to have various “organic sources”. Brands that have achieved USDA Certified Organic status have come a long way to achieve it, which only underscores their commitment to quality.

To begin the certification process, brands must find a USDA-approved third party to certify them. The organization then evaluates the product according to strict USDA guidelines. Assuming a brand successfully passes each step of the certification process, it receives a certificate that allows it to make one of three claims based on the overall quality of the final product.

The term ” 100% organic ” can appear on the label of a product that contains only organic ingredients and is produced using only USDA Organic-approved production processes.

If the label says only ” Organic “, at least 95% of the ingredients meet USDA organic requirements. The remaining five percent may be approved chemical additives, many of which are considered “unavoidable” to maintain the quality of the organic product.

The phrase “Made with Organic Ingredients ” means that only some ingredients are certified organic, but not all.

Each ingredient is evaluated against a similar set of standards. According to USDA guidelines, an ingredient can be considered organic if it is:

  • Grown from unmodified, untreated seed
  • Grown in high quality soil without the use of chemical fertilizers
  • Free from beta radiation that can result from poor soil or water quality
  • Free from growth hormones and other growth promoters
  • Grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other unapproved chemicals.
  • Manufactured with only approved processes, including using only solvents and substances on the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances, which excludes most synthetic substances

Organic CBD certified by USDA brands

While the certification process can be long and complicated, several private brands have gone the extra mile to obtain organic certifications for every product (or nearly every product) in their CBD line. If you are looking for USDA certified organic CBD brands with a certified range of products, you can try one of the following:

Aspen Green

Aspen Green offers a small range of full-spectrum hemp oil that is 100 percent certified organic. The all-organic brand also offers topical CBD products made from over 98 percent certified organic ingredients, including preparations designed for topical pain relief and various skincare needs.

Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla offers a wide range of CBD products that are almost entirely organic (with the exception of a few products such as capsules and some pet products), but they offer such an impressive variety of USDA-certified organic CBD products that they deserve to be on this list. The brand offers organic certified full spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate tinctures, as well as numerous hemp topicals, plant-based CBD gummies and even organic CBD tinctures for pets.

Haleigh’s Hope

Haleigh’s Hope is a unique supplement brand focused on offering a complete range of USDA organic CBD oil products. They have partnered with the Flowering H.O.P.E. Foundation to provide support specifically for consumers suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease and more. The brand offers a wide range of potencies and many different formulas, such as coconut or safflower-based CBD oils, to give those with food allergies options.

Palmetto Harmony

Palmetto Harmony is a vertically integrated CBD company that takes a hands-on approach to the entire supply chain. The brand uses only USDA-certified organic hemp and approved production practices for each product, and more than half of its products are officially certified. USDA-certified organic CBD products include CBD hemp oil, CBD tinctures for pets, full-spectrum hemp suppositories, a collection of CBD oil for vaping, and both flavors of CBD conditioner.

RE Botanicals

Every RE Botanicals product is certified organic (except CBD capsules). The brand offers different potencies of hemp CBD tincture and two flavor options – natural and mint. Relief Body Oil is a unique roll-on that is also available in several organic variants such as lavender, mandarin turmeric and ginger lime. The brand also offers a USDA-certified organic CBD tincture for pets, so you can spread the high-quality relief to your furry friends as well.

Brands with some USDA-certified organic CBD products

Although the following brands are not completely organic, they offer one or more products that have passed the rigorous USDA organic approval process. To find other USDA certified organic CBD products, check out these brands:

R+R Medicinals

All of R+R Medicinals’ tinctures are certified organic by the USDA and have been found to have one of the best tinctures on the market today. In fact, R+R Medicinals is one of our favorite brands in general. They have a standard range of products, but they are very high quality and affordable. They are often referred to as the “CBD brand that works” and are also owned by black, veteran, LGBTQ+ and service members.

Upstate Elevator Supply Co.

Upstate Elevator has a colorful selection of CBD drinks, gummies, tinctures and more, including a small variety of USDA certified organic CBD products. The organic product line includes two varieties of full-spectrum CBD MCT oil and full-spectrum CBD MCT oil capsules with three strength options. Upstate Elevator is one of the few brands on the market with CBD capsules that carry organic certification.


Cornbread is a Kentucky-based hemp brand and offers topicals, pet products, capsules and more. The whole plant CBD oil is USDA organic certified and is available in regular (25 mg per dose) and extra strength (50 mg per dose).

Vitality CBD

Vitality CBD has a small selection of full spectrum CBD oils, water soluble tinctures and topical CBD products, but CBD hemp oil and CBD pet oil are the only USDA certified organic CBD products.


Barlean’s is the only brand on the list that is not explicitly a CBD brand. An award-winning manufacturer of a variety of health supplements, the brand has USDA organic certifications for both its chocolate mint and lemon flavored CBD Oil syrups.

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