Cbd syrup is it legal and safe?


Since CBD products began to gain popularity, manufacturers have discovered hundreds of different ways to package this hemp-derived molecule. From tinctures to topical preparations, consumers have a multitude of different options for using CBD, and each delivery method has its own unique properties and benefits.

One popular product is CBD syrup, a syrup-like cough medicine loaded with the beneficial cannabidiol. But with all the hype surrounding hemp, the mother plant of CBD, people are skeptical and confused about what CBD products are, whether they are legal to buy and how safe they can be. So, is CBD syrup legal? And more importantly, is it safe? We are here to clear the cloud of confusion surrounding CBD syrup supplements so that you can find the best CBD products for you on your all-natural health journey.

What is CBD syrup?

CBD syrup is pretty much what it sounds like: a cannabidiol-enriched supplement with the consistency of cough syrup. The liquid formula makes this type of CBD product unique, as it is more suitable for seniors or children who need CBD but cannot easily take pills or use other types of products. For many people, CBD syrup is a convenient dosing method because it is measured and taken like other popular liquid medicines. When using CBD for seniors, syrup is an easy and familiar delivery method that does not cause anxiety in the way that tinctures or vaporizers can.

CBD syrup comes in all kinds of flavors and strengths, and you can find a CBD product in the right strength for you to easily adjust dosages to your needs. The liquid formula of CBD syrup gives manufacturers the unique ability to utilize CBD nanomolecules, or smaller versions of the CBD molecule, which increases the bioavailability of the supplement. Some CBD syrups contain additives and other natural ingredients that work with CBD to target specific symptoms. For example, you may find CBD syrups made to relieve pain, while other CBD syrups may be designed for nighttime use and to improve sleep.

The legality of CBD products is still somewhat unclear to many, possibly due to their association with marijuana, which is still labeled as a Schedule One drug in the United States. But updated legislation (specifically the Hemp Cultivation Act of 2018) has cleared up much of this confusion by distinguishing “hemp” from “marijuana”. Hemp and marijuana are not the same thing, and CBD products derived from industrial hemp (which by definition contains less than 0.3% THC) can now be legally produced and purchased in all 50 states.

Does CBD Syrup Have Side Effects?

In addition to the confusion surrounding the legality of CBD, consumers are concerned about the safety of such products. Fortunately, the potential side effects of CBD are mild and rare. According to research, the most commonly reported side effects are fatigue, diarrhea and changes in appetite and weight. CBD is mostly considered safe and most sources state that the benefits far outweigh the risks. For many people, CBD has a range of health benefits that help them cope with everyday ailments.

Some people have even managed to replace their medications with CBD, such as using CBD for pain instead of opioids. Of course, you should never stop taking medication without your doctor’s approval, and your doctor’s guidance is key to the safe and effective use of CBD syrup and other CBD products.

How to Use CBD Syrup Safely

If CBD syrup sounds like the right cannabidiol product for you, there are several steps you can take to better ensure your safety and the effectiveness of your CBD routine. First, always make changes to your health and wellness routine with the guidance of your doctor. Your doctor will help you decide if CBD is right for you and what benefits you can get from the supplement.

Once you and your doctor have decided to move forward with a CBD routine, you can choose your CBD syrup. If you are new to CBD, you may want to choose a low-potency syrup that will make it easier for you to slowly adjust your dose. When you start taking your new CBD syrup, you can start slowly. Some sources recommend doses of 10 mg per 1 pound of body weight, but you can work with your doctor to choose a dose that suits your needs.

When you start taking your CBD syrup, start with one dose. If you start with a low dose (rather than a higher dose chosen by your doctor), you can increase the dose slightly every few days, leaving enough time in between to observe the effects. You may want to consider keeping a diary of your CBD experiences, this will be a great reference for you and your doctor later when you need to adjust your dose.

Although rare, drug interactions with CBD are possible, so you should be cautious about taking CBD with any medication without your doctor’s approval. If you experience any adverse reactions after using CBD syrup, inform your doctor before resuming your regular CBD doses. With careful consideration, CBD syrup offers a dosage method that can be suitable for anyone who benefits from CBD and may be just the healing supplement you’ve been looking for.


CBD syrups provide a refreshing break from the tincture and softgel landscape and offer a therapeutic dose of CBD in a familiar and palatable format. The syrups can be especially useful for the elderly and the very young, who can be a little picky. When considering CBD syrup as part of your health regimen, we recommend starting with a lower dose (about 10 mg per 1 pound of body weight) and increasing as needed. This strategy will help you find your ideal dose without wasting the product unnecessarily.

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