Cbd gummies: can you fly with them?


Among all the different varieties of hemp-derived products, CBD gummies are the most inconspicuous. Looking like your average everyday fruit-flavored pastry, these pieces of hemp goodness don’t attract unwanted attention the way the cannabis flower does.

For obvious reasons, many customers choose CBD gummies when privacy is a top priority, such as when traveling. And while you may think that airport security probably won’t bat an eye when you pass through with your CBD gum, you should be aware of a few specifics before you fly with your stash.

First of all – is CBD gum legal? It’s funny to imagine serious, uniformed officers inspecting a small jar of fruit-flavored candy. But you’d be surprised how CBD gummies can attract the attention of airport security in certain areas.

To be clear, CBD gummies are federally legal as long as the cannabinoids it contains are derived from hemp. The 2018 Farm Bill officially legalized hemp and all its derivatives after researchers discovered that hemp, unlike marijuana, does not cause intoxication.

But on the other hand, this is a federal law. In some states, cities and counties, lawmakers have imposed their own restrictions and regulations on products containing hemp and derived from hemp. For example, in Wisconsin, possession of CBD products is considered a violation of the law.

In other states, hemp is legal, but edibles are not. The laws fluctuate even more dynamically if you plan to fly abroad. Therefore, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the local laws in your destination.

It is also worth noting that hemp edibles may not be completely legal according to FDA guidelines. According to the FDA, products containing CBD are not approved for human consumption. Therefore, technically, marketers are not allowed to sell CBD products as food or dietary supplements.

Therefore, you will notice that brands often perform all kinds of semantic acrobatics to avoid the idea that their products are edible.

Does the TSA Confiscate CBD Gummies?

You can imagine the heartbreak of going through TSA screening with a tube of CBD gummies in your luggage. But you’ll be surprised to learn that they don’t actually care that much about your edibles.

The TSA’s website reads:

“TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substances are found during a security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement agency.”

Yes, you read that right. The TSA does not actively search for illegal substances. Their job is to look for immediate threats to the safety of passengers and guests, including bombs, firearms and weapons.

However, if they find suspicious items during the search, they are legally obligated to alert law enforcement. But on the other hand, CBD gummies do not even qualify as drugs. So you can see how unlikely it is that you will get in trouble for passing through the airport with your gum.

Can you travel with CBD gum?

You should be able to travel anywhere in the United States with your CBD gum. But then again, not everyone is very familiar when it comes to the details of cannabis law. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for possible difficulties and to prepare for possible questioning.

In case you decide to fly with your CBD gum, take these tips with you to make the whole process easier:

Bring Certificates of Analysis

In case you are detained for your CBD gum, stay calm and answer their questions as politely and truthfully as possible. Explain what your gum is and where the cannabinoids in it come from.

It is best to provide all the documents that prove what your gum is. All you need should be the certificates of analysis from the supplier. In case you decide to put your CBD gummies in a completely different container, it will be useful to bring the original packaging as well as the receipts with you.

Don’t overdo the packaging

Be practical. Think about how long you plan to travel and consider how many CBD gummies you will use in a day. Then pack extra for a daily dose for good measure.

CBD gummies alone may not attract attention. But if you have them in your luggage, it may look suspicious to the TSA. Avoid packing CBD gum if possible. If your destination has relaxed laws on edibles, consider securing your stash there.

Be Calm, collected and courteous

An argumentative stance will not win you any arguments with the TSA and airport security. If they report that your CBD gum is of concern to the officers, politely and respectfully explain what your stash is.

If they insist, surrender your stash completely and proceed with the rest of the boarding process. There is no point in arguing with airport security, especially if they are convinced of their own opinion. By refusing to engage in an argument, you can save yourself from being questioned and possible penalties.

Are Airport Security Dogs Trained to Sniff CBD?

For the record, security dogs are trained to sniff THC, not CBD. This is because THC is the psychoactive compound that makes it illegal to sample cannabis. In practice, it appears that law enforcement officers are not interested in detecting CBD.

However, this does not mean that these dogs will not sniff your CBD gummies. Some CBD gummies contain trace amounts of THC. Full spectrum CBD gummies in particular have enough THC concentration for a trained dog to point it out.

Meanwhile, it is rare for airport security to use THC sniffing dogs in the field. Again, airport security is more interested in detecting bombs, guns and pistols. So the dogs at the airport probably won’t be very interested in sniffing your gum.

Yes or No: Can You Fly with CBD Gummies?

Technically, you can fly with CBD. But it depends on where you’re coming from and where you’re going. Laws and regulations vary from state to state. So before you take to the skies, make sure you’ve thought through the dirty details and are familiar with local laws. It’s also a good idea to record your call, come prepared with the necessary paperwork and pack lightly to avoid unwanted attention.

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